WWIII Has Already Started



This exactly.  I could never dreamed of saying it better, especially the final paragraph!


America’s Police State, the Border, Russia, Walmart and World War III.
With every excuse or answer the U.S. government and corporate industry comes up with, you have to ask yourself the question: What the heck is going on? I’m going to outline some basic ground level questions and simple answers, and ask yourself, does any of this make sense?
Some of our police departments are driving around specifically engineered combat vehicles, vehicles that are designed and specifically used for war (what happened to Peace Officers). So why are they driving these around on American streets now? You say “because there’s a threat of more dangerous guns and escalated violence on the streets today”. Where? The figures related to violence and guns seems to be reflecting a decline in most parts of the country.
Many of our police departments have selected personnel, some simple patrol officers (like we just saw in Florida) patrolling the streets in combat uniforms. You say “it’s because the environment has changed and we are fearful of veterans and their training”? Hmm, then why wasn’t this done after World War 2 or after Vietnam? You also hear the answer, “it’s because of gang violence and the drugs they sell”. Then why did we open the border? We hear it’s because little children (which are being flown here on planes now) who were/are in distress and fleeing their country. So, we have decided to house thousands upon thousands of fleeing children, and the average American family can barely provide for itself right now. You can see, this all just leads to more questions with no concrete answers.
For many years we have been cross training with foreign troops. Some may say that it’s very odd that we cross train with the Russians, but it’s actually been normal and going on for a very long time. The question is “why are we still training with them when Russia is threatening nuclear war against us every other week lately”? You say “it’s just political rhetoric”. Then why are there surface to air missiles being popping up, and being placed at the ready, all over the U.S. right now, specifically Texas? Why is Obama all of a sudden taken an interest in Cuba’s freedoms, just months after Russian warships were docked there? We have also implemented Russia (UN Troops) into our countries emergency response plans, and even though we are at odds with them (putting this lightly), they are still part of our plans. You can see, this all just leads to more questions with no concrete answers.
Some people are wondering why the Walmart’s are closing. We are told it’s because of a viral spreading plumbing problem that has effected many of their stores, so we must close them down completely in order to fix this devastating industry plague (it’s obviously an emergency because only a 5 hour notice was given to employees to get out). We are also hearing it’s because employees have been demanding higher wages at these locations. So, because of requests for higher wages, Walmart, one of the most industrialized greedy store chains in the U.S, is just going to close stores, some super stores, and take the financial hit? Really??
Concerning a past long forgotten subject, the Walmart SoloHealth Stations. We have a blood pressure machine combined with a computer booth configured into a little station that you sit down in and use to sign up for various health/medical plans stationed in many Walmart’s (SoloHealth Stations). Configured, at head level, there is a camera, or scanner that is inoperable. Below, under the booth, just above your right knee, is a scanner. If you move your RIGHT HAND back and forth under the scanner, you will see a red light attempting to scan your hand. So, what’s this for? The company just
implemented cameras and scanners into a machine never to be used? You can see, this all just leads to more questions with no concrete answers.
Recently, I was asked, “when do you think World War 3 will start”? My reply “it has started”. I’m then asked, “what proof do you have that it has started”? My reply, and I keep it very simple and basic, “who is the lethal armory and weaponry that is be sent to the Ukraine right now, 120 Abrams tanks, gonna be used against, and who is providing the training personnel to learn how to operate those deadly tanks”? If the U.S. is sending tanks and military personnel to the Ukraine, and it will be used to kill Russians, doesn’t that seem like we are in a war with Russia right now? And again, you can see, this all just leads to more questions.
America, the veil is now slowly lifting and you have your faces imbedded in your smartphones. If you have not noticed, your environment is drastically changing and your freedoms are being taken away. If you have not noticed, the militarization of your police, the opening of our borders, Russia threatening nuclear war and the Walmart’s closing are all tied together. The purpose of Jade Helm 15 is to tie all of the outcomes of these things together so that the resulting chaos can be supplied, managed, monitored and processed (chipped) with Americans being the planned and prepared chaos.

Apr 19, 2015”

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The Sifiting


It came up recently in a Facebook group discussion, someone asked when we think we might begin to see the sifting of the wheat from the tares described in the scriptures in the last days.  The sifting has been so obviously happening over the past year or so that I hardly knew how to answer, so I just said that I’ve been seeing it happening all over the church.  Several people asked me for more specifics.  Where do I even begin…

First of all, most of us are led away so subtly by the adversary there’s no way to tell how or when it happens exactly. I have frequently seen hearts turn cold and people go their way.

I’ve seen many people challenged since the church posted on lds.org about the history of polygamy in the church.  They have felt its either new information, or information that has been hidden, because it wasn’t talked about in their families growing up.  That is truly sad for them.  I assure you, none of it has been hidden.  I have researched the subject extensively and the truth of it is almost as easy to come by as the untruths.  If the subject makes you uncomfortable, search, ponder, and pray.  That’s what I did.  All is well.

We have seen several amazing women leave the church (and their families with them) over the Ordain Women ordeals.

Denver Snuffer has lead many away by appealing to those who want the blessings of the gospel without any of the sacrifice.

As persecution has risen (and will continue to rise) many have been stifled by their own inability to answer tough questions and defend their own faith.

Pornography addiction has drowned many souls and torn apart many families, hardening hearts all over the place.

Many have become very comfortable in the modern church.  It has become a place to visit with friends, to talk about the worldly things of life, to show off their fancy hair and clothes and jewelry, its become a group of people to plan home sales parties with and a place to find popularity with the in-crowd (yes, sadly there are many wards with cliques).  Once church ceases to be a comfortable place with nice buildings and parties with food and abundance and once we’re living in the dirt and we’re all equal and lowly, these people are going to have a very difficult time.  Probably the difficulties will start once our prophet asks something of us which requires a good amount of faith.

These examples are enough because I am not speaking to or about the TARES.

I am all about the wheat!

The greatest thing about the whole plan is there is still time to CHOOSE which you would like to be!

No matter who you are, what your past is, what mistakes you made today, how far you are from being the person you’d like to be, how unprepared you are to meet Christ, you can be wheat if you choose to be.

Here is the greatest part. As much as I’ve seen people weaken and fall away, I’ve seen even MORE new sheep come into the flock, and lost sheep return!  Is no one else seeing inactives come back to church in droves?  I am seeing it in a huge way!  Not only that, but the strong members are getting stronger!  We are all growing spiritually at a rapid rate.  Some speculate it will take many years after the tribulation for Christ to return because it will take a very long time for us to become ready for him.  I respectfully disagree.  The growth going on is so rapid that especially once we’re thrown into tribulation (which will be the most refining experience we could have) we will catapult spiritually right to Christ’s feet.  We are THAT awesome!

A woman the other day told me that she sat by her grandfather’s side as he passed away and the last thing he said was, “I am not a perfect man, but I am good enough.”

That is true for any of us from the moment we choose to be “good enough.”  I promise you, Christ has already made up the part that you cannot. All we can ever be is good enough, it is in and through Him that we become perfect.

We’re playing the final inning of the game and we already know who wins.  You have been given the opportunity to join the winning team, and receive joy and glory forever, or the losing team.  What’ll it be?