About One Uprising

About One Uprising:

One Uprising is a project I created as a means of bringing more love into the world at a time when it is most needed.  There is so much negative energy and the positive must rise to meet it.  The “One” in One Uprising refers to the Oneness from which we came, and which we must return to.  Now is the time to come together.  People often ask me, “What can I do?” in reference to counteracting the evil in the world.  The answer is simple- LOVE.  There is nothing love cannot heal.  Love is the fabric of our being, if we are living true to our nature, we are literally being love.  Topics in this blog will focus on what is going on in the world, and practical applications of love in order to counteract it.

More information about how One Uprising came to be

Disclaimer:  Though I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints this blog should be viewed as my opinion only and unless a church resource is cited nothing herein represents official doctrines or teaching of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

About the Author:

I am not an activist or a scholar, I’m just a woman who said a prayer and followed a prompting.  This is how One Uprising came to be.  I am a wife, a mother of 4 children, a writer, and a healer.  I am a Latter-Day Saint and while some of my posts may reflect that, I endeavor to keep most of my material here neutral and relatable to all.


3 thoughts on “About One Uprising

  1. Why did you remove the quote from Elder Holland. Frankly I’m wondering when our prophets will give prophecies and that actually seemed like more than an all is well in Zion talk. I’d love to know where it came from. Please share if you can.


    • I removed it only because I still have not been able to track down the woman who was at that conference who took it down in her notes, and that was causing people to post some pretty negative comments. I like to keep this a high-vibe, loving place! I do have many quotes I’ve collected of General Authorities telling us straight forward that all is NOT well, that it won’t always be like it is now. I’m organizing them and plan to start posting 1 or more per day. If you’d like a really interesting book on this topic, containing such quotes and information, a friend of mine just wrote one and I have it on pdf. She would like it shared with others and if you’re interested, you or anyone else, I just need an email address to send it to and you can have it to enjoy.


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