My kids and I like to start our homeschool day off by “energy bombing” each other.  We build up balls of energy in our hands, like snowballs of light, and crack ourselves up coming up with various ways of assailing one another.

This week has been so negatively charged.  The acceleration of signs of the times and evil in the world just kicked into high gear, and we’re not even in it yet.  Like, the race hasn’t even started, this is just the warm up!  I’m feeling like I really need to slough off this bad energy and let my light shine, so I’ve been seeking out all the positivity I can.  This post is my energy bomb on the internet… PLEASE feel free to drop your own bombs wherever you can!  We need to rise up the good in the world, it is ALWAYS far more powerful than the bad!

A few months ago I attended a Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference where Kirk Duncan was the keynote speaker.  He talked about how fear comes from blanks in our mind.  We cannot actually have a blank spot, so if there is an unknown and we don’t fill that space with a positive story then a fearful story will impose.  He was taking about the calamities before us during the Tribulation and how completely scary those can be, IF we do not put a positive story in our minds.  If we allow the unknown or the negative images to dominate, we will feel fear, which is not of God.  BUT, if we keep our minds focused on the REASON for it all- Chris’s return- and create a detailed story of that moment in our minds, we will not fear.  We will be in a much better place!  He told of the story he’s created in his mind of when he meets the Savior again, which was absolutely adorable and involved a little wrestle and tickle fight with Jesus Christ, his big brother, and then he said with conviction, “He IS coming!”  He had everyone repeat it multiples times, he inspired us all to get EXCITED about it, we ought to be!  There has NEVER been ANYTHING more exciting in the history of the world, nor will there ever be- HE IS COMING!!!  I strongly encourage you to imagine, as vividly as possible, what that meeting will be like for YOU.  Today as I was driving I was listening to the hymn Now Let Us Rejoice.  One line says, “In faith we’ll rely on the arm of Jehovah.” That line put the image into my mind of Christ’s arm.  I thought about how I knew those arms before this life.  I’m sure they encircled me countless times.  I imagined what his arms will feel like wrapped around me in a sure embrace- that’s what I’m talking about!  Lets fill our minds with more of that!

And now here are some high vibe videos and images to lift you up!