Julie’s Experience (The beginning of this journey for me)

Julie Rowe’s Website

Video of Julie Sharing a Short Overview of Her Experience

Julie’s First Interview with Mills Crenshaw

Julie’s Second Interview with Mills Crenshaw

Julie’s Third (most recent) Interview with Mills Crenshaw

Julie’s Interview with Steve Mitton

Julie’s “Why Should I Prepare NOW” webinar presentation

Julie’s Interview with Kate Dalley January 2015

Julie’s Interview with Kate Dalley March 2015

Julie’s Exclusive Off the Air Interview with Kate Dalley

Julie’s Interview with Bryan Hyde May 3, 2016

Julie’s Book- A Greater Tomorrow

Julie’s Book- The Time is Now

Julie’s Book- From Tragedy to Destiny: A Vision of America’s Future

Other Radio Interviews

Audio Interview of “Spencer” from Visions of Glory

Suzanne Freeman on Mills Crenshaw

Suzanne Freeman at IANDS Utah

Joanna Oblander on Mills Crenshaw

Sarah Menet at IANDS Utah

Angie Fenimore on Mills Crenshaw

RaNelle Wallace at UT IANDS

Books That Testify of These Things

What We Might Expect in the Next 25 Years by W. Clean Skousen (read online)

Visions of the Latter-Days Compiled by Pioneer Press (read online)

Tent Cities in the Last Days by Roger K. Young (read online)

As a Thief in the Night by Roger K. Young

Dreams & Visions of the Last Days by Roger K. Young

Dreams, Visions & Testimonies of the Last Days Volume II by Christopher M. Parrett, Forward by Roger K. Young

Dreams, Visions & Testimonies of the Last Days Volume III by Todd Assay, Christopher M. Parrett, Forward by Roger K. Young

The Cleansing of America by W. Clean Skousen

Visions of Glory by John Pontius

Through the Window of Life by Suzanne Freeman

When Ye Shall See These Things by Roger K. Young

There Is No Death by Sarah Menet

A Glimpse of Heaven by Joanna Oblander

Its All in the Scriptures (Much more to come soon!)

Isaiah Explained by Avaham Giliadi (each scripture explains, audio)

Joel 2

Matthew 24

The Book of Revelation

Scripture Stories to Study- I will get the verse references up soon!

The Exodus (Old Testament)

Joseph in Egypt (Old Testament)

Noah’s Ark (Old Testament)

Book of Isaiah (Old Testament)

Job (Old Testament)

Revelations (New Testament)

Lehi in the Wilderness (The Book of Mormon)

Christ Visits the Nephites (The Book of Mormon)

Articles of Interest

Speech by Comrade Chi Haotian, Vice Chairman of China’s Military Commission

Prophetic Support for a Modern Callout by Connor Boyack

27 LDS Talks on Preparedness

Quotes from LDS General Authorities Supporting a Gathering in the Last Days

George Washington’s Vision


LDS Church Leaders Preparing Us for the Second Coming of Christ

The Constitution Will Be Saved, But Not In Washington – Ezra Taft Benson

Ezra Taft Benson Talks About the Last Days

A Prophetic Voice – Gordon B. Hinckley

Great Trials Lie Ahead – LDS Prophetic Voices

Another Voice of Warning Talk by Roger K. Young, part 1 (watch all 20 parts, absolutely brilliant)

Jonathan Cahn on the 2014-2015 Shemitah (Jubilee year)

The Coming Tests and Trials and Glory by Bruce R. McConkie

Other Resources

Get Out of Debt– Dave Ramsey’s Practical Advice

Build a 72-Hour Emergency Kit

A Year of Supplemental Food Storage for $300 for a Family of Four!

Food Storage Quantity and Rations Info (tons of great info and resources)

The Best Emergency Food for Storage- Eden Valley Food (get a minimum 1 year supply for each family member)

Food Storage Calculator (Note that produce weight is PRIOR to the dehydration process, the company you purchase from should be able to provide you with this information.)


Geo Shelter Tents

Davis Canvas Tents

Canvas Wall Tents

Sibley Tents

Rothco (Quality Gear)

Sportsman’s Guide (Affordable, quality survival gear)


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