The Change in Church Policy Affecting Children of Homosexual Couples


(Forgive the bland title, unfortunately that’s what attention getting at the moment.)

Alright, I’m about to throw syntax into the wind here and just be raw, because this is too urgent and too important to worry about being anything other than just completely real. If you haven’t been caught up in the adversarial crap storm of the Church’s recent handbook change, lucky you, enjoy the fresh crisp air wherever you are and carry on. For the rest of us, I’ve got to tell you what I’m seeing and it is this-

1. The pain caused to real people because of this change in policy is not to be disregarded. Some of the choicest spirits out there are being tried like mad right now because of this. They are loved. Please pray for all who are pained because of this change. Every life matters. Our Father and Mother in heaven love EVERY single one of us as though WE WERE THEIR ONLY CHILD. I wish everyone to have complete and perfect knowledge and feeling of this. There are no exceptions.

2. There is NOTHING God does that is not out of pure and perfect love for his children.

3. God does nothing save it be out of His perfect wisdom. He sees around corners we cannot. We are children. We do not have full knowledge and understanding. He does.

4. What I have seen to today is the epitome of the prophecy that in the last days men will call evil good and good evil. What I am seeing today is people directing blame to the wrong person. If I make any point or impression let it be this: YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY. God does not hurt. God does not exclude. God does not corrupt. God does not change. God does not tempt. God does not repress. God does not stifle agency. God does not move people to anger. God does not contend. God does not disappoint. God does not shame. God does not deny blessings. If you heard about this change and perceived it as negative, you can be sure where that came from, and it wasn’t from God.

5. The church doesn’t come up with stuff just to bring on more persecution and drive more people away. They’re not a bunch of evil men trying to make us the weirdest possible culture on the planet so everyone else will hate us and harm us. Are Mormons weird? Heck yes! Hate to break it to you but GOD IS WEIRD, the WAYS of God are weird… or rather God is weird to the WORLD. The world is Satan’s domain. Of course things of God are going to seem nutzo here. Common sense.

6. Ever hear Jim Gaffigan’s bit on McDonalds? If not, you’ve missed out on some seriously priceless magic. We all have our “thing.” We can put any name on it, its all the same. Every one of us comes into this world with a weak spot, a specific inclination toward a type of sin. I think the amount of attention homosexuality gets over the others is ridiculous but it happens because its the sin people are openly proud of. My McDonald’s, or we might say my “homosexuality”, is food addiction. Its a serious sin against my body, it could easily kill me. It kills many people every day. All us gluttons aren’t throwing pride parades and wearing tshirts and packing around insignia proclaiming our awesomeness in how much we can put down in one sitting, demanding special rights in restaurants that every restaurant has to serve us all we can eat because, dang it, we were born to eat big! Maybe your “homosexuality” isn’t food, maybe its a sex addiction (pornography, masturbation, affairs, etc) -I work with sex addicts, this is a huge one. Maybe your “homosexuality” is gaming, connecting to video games as an out to life. Maybe its robbery. Maybe its habitual lying. Maybe its making an idol of your body by obsessively dieting and working out and showing it off. Maybe you’re a hoarder. Maybe you just love stirring up contention between people and watching it play out. Maybe you’re obsessed with appearing to be perfect to gain approval. Its all “homosexuality.” We’re all sick, we’re all broken. This is how its supposed to be. It is not okay, in fact its downright a sin in and of itself, to hate someone because their broken in a different way than you are. That’s all this is. It goes like this: We are weak (human). We are in Satan’s domain. He messes with us in attempt to control us, to get us to sin so we will submit our agency. We sin. We have a choice to make, indulge in that sin and stay in bondage or repent and be free. If any one of us turns from our sin, gets the help we need, and repents, it will not mean that we are free from that WEAKNESS, we are still human. It just means we’ve learned to draw strength from Christ via the atonement to keep ourselves safe from natural consequences of indulging in that sin. An alcoholic who stops drinking will always be an alcoholic. A sex addict who stops taking lust hits will always be a sex addict. A homosexual who stops sexual interaction with people of the same sex will always be homosexual. Not one of these people is more or less than the other. Not one of these people ought to be judged or shamed. But also, not one of these sins ought to be embraced and accepted and encouraged because they ALL harm the individual and the collective. We stand up AGAINST SIN ***BECAUSE*** we love the individual, NOT the other way around.
Though my upbringing was to accept homosexuality as a normal, natural, healthy thing, I understand much more deeply now. My heart has not changed. I still love people. I’m supposed to love people. Loving people does not mean loving them doing things that can harm them or take away blessings from them. I give my kids rules because I love them, our Heavenly Father gives us rules because he loves us. This entire thing is about His love for us. He is protecting children from the anguish of being torn between their love for their parents and their love for the gospel until they are old enough, mentally developed enough, to handle it. I see no fault in that, I think good can come of it. The problem is in all the hurt people who are justifying to themselves and the world that this church is so cruel and unChrist-like. That is a flat out LIE Satan is telling people.

To you who do not yet see or feel energies let me tell you this- Satan and his minions are have an all out HEYDAY today. They are about as pleased as they can be and are totally stoked to watch this cascade in to absolute tragedy. They’ve got people committing suicide over this. They’ve got people leaving the safety of the church over this. They’ve got people breaking spiritual contracts over this, who will now not fulfill the missions they came to earth to fulfill, they’ve got the world in an uproar of persecution toward the church.

If you think this won’t bring about the same, even worse, persecution than was endured in the first days of the restoration- WATCH. Watch and see what happens.

As for me, my testimony will not waver. I know my Father. I know my Mother. I know my Savior. I know that there are things I don’t know, but they know. I trust them completely. There is nothing that could convince me that this church is not led by a true prophet of God. When God tells me something, I believe it. I know what he’s told me, and he’s told me over and over and over, countless times. I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints IS Christ’s church. I know we’re in the very last days, even the tribulation as described in the scriptures. What is going on right now is part of that, and it is wisdom in God to be strict on this thing. He has a wise purpose, I guarantee it. What we can all do until that purpose is made known is to take up our shield of faith to withstand those fiery darts. This war is REAL, friends. I work as a healer in it every day. I encourage you to stand strong. Harsher storms are coming than this earth has ever seen. The only safety is in Christ, and the greatest safety is in His church, following the Prophet. Its up to you if you will be left standing to greet Christ when those storms have raged the world to absolute destruction and he comes for you. And he IS coming.




My kids and I like to start our homeschool day off by “energy bombing” each other.  We build up balls of energy in our hands, like snowballs of light, and crack ourselves up coming up with various ways of assailing one another.

This week has been so negatively charged.  The acceleration of signs of the times and evil in the world just kicked into high gear, and we’re not even in it yet.  Like, the race hasn’t even started, this is just the warm up!  I’m feeling like I really need to slough off this bad energy and let my light shine, so I’ve been seeking out all the positivity I can.  This post is my energy bomb on the internet… PLEASE feel free to drop your own bombs wherever you can!  We need to rise up the good in the world, it is ALWAYS far more powerful than the bad!

A few months ago I attended a Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference where Kirk Duncan was the keynote speaker.  He talked about how fear comes from blanks in our mind.  We cannot actually have a blank spot, so if there is an unknown and we don’t fill that space with a positive story then a fearful story will impose.  He was taking about the calamities before us during the Tribulation and how completely scary those can be, IF we do not put a positive story in our minds.  If we allow the unknown or the negative images to dominate, we will feel fear, which is not of God.  BUT, if we keep our minds focused on the REASON for it all- Chris’s return- and create a detailed story of that moment in our minds, we will not fear.  We will be in a much better place!  He told of the story he’s created in his mind of when he meets the Savior again, which was absolutely adorable and involved a little wrestle and tickle fight with Jesus Christ, his big brother, and then he said with conviction, “He IS coming!”  He had everyone repeat it multiples times, he inspired us all to get EXCITED about it, we ought to be!  There has NEVER been ANYTHING more exciting in the history of the world, nor will there ever be- HE IS COMING!!!  I strongly encourage you to imagine, as vividly as possible, what that meeting will be like for YOU.  Today as I was driving I was listening to the hymn Now Let Us Rejoice.  One line says, “In faith we’ll rely on the arm of Jehovah.” That line put the image into my mind of Christ’s arm.  I thought about how I knew those arms before this life.  I’m sure they encircled me countless times.  I imagined what his arms will feel like wrapped around me in a sure embrace- that’s what I’m talking about!  Lets fill our minds with more of that!

And now here are some high vibe videos and images to lift you up!








A Note on Sharing


I plan to write a more indepth post on this soon but I’m feel prompted to take the bit of time I have at the moment and give you this little morsel of food for thought.

We need to practice sharing.

That isn’t meant to be patronizing.  What I mean is, in the near future our survival will depend on sharing, not on being the receivers, but on being the GIVERS.  When we give what we have, it becomes consecrated, and it multiplies.  Any of us who have experimented with the Law of Abundance/Attraction see this first hand frequently.  The ONLY way to ensure we have what we need is to GIVE what we have.  There is no way around that.  If you hoard what you have you will never have enough.  If you lovingly and with an open heart and a little faith share what you have, no matter how little you have, you will always have enough.  Simple as that.  Think about some stories you know from the scriptures and you will see this principal laid out for you.  I urge you to read those stories, ponder them, and pray for personal enlightenment.

Emulating God’s Pattern of Forgiveness

Growing up, I saw a lot of counselors who talked a lot about forgiveness.  I read about forgiveness, I thought about forgiveness, I prayed about it… I still could not understand how to apply it practically.  I felt like no one could tell me HOW to do it.  What does it look like in daily life?  What does it feel like?  I just kept being told the same thing over and over, “Forgiveness isn’t about the other person, its something you do for you.  You’re releasing yourself from the burden of the poor choices of others.”  I understood that aspect of it, but it still felt very empty and impractical to me.  I practiced forgiving in every way I could think of- telling the person who wronged me that I forgive them, writing them a letter and the destroying it, praying about it and giving it to God, saying it aloud to myself- but never once did I feel any different or any better.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as a Service Missionary for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and I work with the Women’s Addiction Recovery Program.  All of these women are working on healing wounds inflicted by loved one’s addictions, and several are recovering from their own addictions.  The Spirit in these meetings is unlike anything I’ve felt before, and these women are some of the very best I’ve ever met.  They are SO loved by our Father in Heaven.  Somewhere between their courageous sharing, the teaching of the Spirit, and my own experience with addicts and abuse, I’ve come to view forgiveness a little differently.  I think I’m only just beginning to understand it, but the little treasures of understanding I’ve been given are beautiful, scared, and powerful to me.
Forgiveness Not Acceptance of Wrongdoing
True forgiveness does not send the message that the sin is okay.  It does not give permission for it to continue.  It does not put the person forgiving in danger of being hurt again.  In fact, true forgiveness ONLY occurs from within the safety of personal boundaries.  It is only within the safety zone we set up for ourselves that we can be vulnerable enough to forgive.
Forgiveness Flips Perspective Upside Down
When we are unforgiving we are clinging to anger, resentment, sorrow, frustration, feelings of abandonment, etc.  Our perspective is that we trusted someone and they hurt us.  They took advantage of us.  They damaged our heart, and now we are forced to put up walls of protection.  We want them to understand what they have done to us, we want them to taste our pain.  These are completely normal human emotions, and they are the only emotions we are likely to feel if we’re viewing the situation from a human perspective.  We can broaden our perspective by recalling the reason we are each here- to receive a body, to be tried, tested, and to return to our Heavenly Father.  Can we do it alone?  No, you might say, we need Christ.  I would add that we also need EACH OTHER.  Are we working to return only to our Heavenly Father?  No.  We are returning to our Heavenly FAMILY.  If I am the only one who shows up, that will be a very sad day.  I want all of my family together.  If that is the case, then I need to look around me stop viewing flawed people with contempt.  After all, I am one of them.  I make mistakes.  I hurt people. I am no different or better than anyone.  I need to look around me and see people who are struggling.  People who have been hurt.  Life is a rough journey.  I am so busy trying to understand myself, I don’t have time to worry about judging why other people make the choices they do.  All I need to know is that people fall off course.  They make decisions that often hurt other people.  People who I am very close to have made decisions that have hurt me deeply.  I feel a responsibility to mentally remove myself from my human place in their life (wife, mother, daughter) and view my fellow beings as exactly what they are- my brothers and sisters.  In this light, it is my responsibility and my joy to feel for them, to understand that I can’t understand, to not judge or shame, to stop accusing them of hurting me and ask what I can do to help them in the struggle that has led them to harmful choices.  We do not get back to our Heavenly Family without each other’s loving support.
Forgiveness Does Not Neglect the Self
Ultimately we are only responsible for ourselves.  I don’t mean to imply that we set ourselves aside and concern ourselves only with our brothers and sisters- NO!  We set up boundaries and we do what we can for them within the safety of those boundaries.  We work on our own healing and progression.  Gandhi had it right, we must be the change we wish to see in the world.  We can only effect change in those around us by changing ourselves.  That is no small thing, it is VERY powerful.  We all learn by example, that is why Christ came to show us what to aim for.  He was the ideal example of being the change.  That leads me to my next point…
Forgiveness Utilizes the Atonement in Our Own Lives
We need to be forgiven ourselves, and we need to forgive ourselves, before we can forgive others.  When we feel deeply the gift and power of the atonement in our own lives we witness God’s love in a very real way.  When we begin to see how strong God’s love for us is, we will also see it in other people.  We become humbled.  We experience gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice and for having our own sins removed, and so we want those we love to feel the same relief.  It comes naturally, then, for us to be forgiving, because we are passing on the gift that has been given to us.  If God is willing to forgive me of all the wrong I do every day, surely I can be forgiving of others.
Forgiveness Creates Safety
Often we hold on to anger as a protection.  Sadly, holding on to anger is extremely damaging to us spiritually, mentally, and even physically.  Anger can cause all kinds of disease.  Anger is a defense, but it does not create safety.  Love cannot grow in the presence of anger, and relationships break down and we are left alone.  This is not protection!  All holding on to anger does is hurt us more, by holding on we allow the wrong doing to go on hurting us day in and day out for as long as we hold on to it.  That doesn’t mean anger is entirely bad, its the hanging on that is harmful.  Anger does an important job, it shows us what we value.  If my husband commits adultery, I will be angry because I value my marriage and my family above anything on earth.  I can go through a grieving process and express that anger (without shaming or judging, I need to own my anger), but I then have a choice of holding on to it, or healing.  My boundaries involve making space for bad to pass out and good to pass in.  When bad invades my boundaries, I remove myself and let it out.  That is the choice I make.  I can then safely forgive.
Forgiveness is a Process
It would be great if we could just say “I forgive you” and be done with it, but forgiveness doesn’t work that way.  It is a process, especially with people who are in our lives for the long haul.  There will be triggers, and there will likely even be new hurts and repeated ones.  No one is perfect, we certainly aren’t and we can’t expect others to be either.  We will need to forgive in little measures over and over and over, maybe for as long as we live.  That doesn’t mean that we never reap the reward of the relief of forgiveness.  Our reward comes through not holding on to all that pain and anger and carrying the weight of it with us through life.  It comes from setting up safe and healthy boundaries and the ease that comes into our lives as a result of that.  It comes from giving love space to grow.  It comes from enabling the formation of deep and meaningful connections with other people.  It comes from learning all the time to become more Christ-like.  If comes from deepening understanding of what the atonement is and does.  It comes from widening our spiritual perception (which is reality). It comes from strengthening our testimonies.  It comes from enabling healing in our lives.  And it comes from obtaining forgiveness from and for ourselves.
As with all things, we can gain a deeper understanding of forgiveness by pondering how our Father forgives us.  When we don’t know how to act or be, we can always look to Him. He gave us Christ and Christ gave us the ultimate example of forgiveness at the moment of his agonizing death, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (See Luke 23:34)  His life was all about love and forgiveness and He left a legacy of examples of how and why forgiveness is essential.
I hope this post got you thinking and I’m sure there is much more to forgiveness than I have shared here. As always, please feel free to add your thoughts!

We’re Adopting, and We Could Use YOUR Help!


A few years ago I wrote here about my love for adoption. Our family has been waiting to adopt for a very long time.  We haven’t been waiting to be chosen, we have been waiting until the time felt right.  I am so excited to announce that we are now beginning our adoption journey!  If you are interested in our story, please visit our fundraising site.  We would love any help you can give us, and prayers and sending love are the best thing you could offer.  If you feel inspired, please share our fundraiser with others.  I will be sharing more details about our journey and about “Lilly” as events transpire.

Proving the Power of Love


the experiment

I saw a few people doing this experiment on Facebook and I thought it would be a really cool thing for my kids to see.  I talk to them about the principals behind it all the time but we all know kids don’t learn best by us just talking to them, and I always love a good experiment.  It’s a simple one- you just put some cooked rice into two jars, label one jar with positive words and the other with negative words.  And then you wait.   We waited about a week.  I placed the jars about a foot apart from each other on the counter, and just to be sure I wasn’t swaying it I even put the positive jar on the side closest to the heat from the stove to stack the odds against it.  But guess what?  Love prevails, always.


side by sides

Our thoughts and words are energy, just like everything else.  Even words we write have energy.  Positive energy carries a higher vibration and is promoting of life, while negative energy is the exact opposite. This test proves it.  You may have heard of the experiments that have been done with water.  One vial of water was exposed to positive energy and the other to negative and then drops of the water were frozen and examined under a microscope.  The positive water made beautiful, symmetrical, structured patterns, while the negative water was a big old nasty mess.

Thinking back to the water before and after prayer in the video above, you might consider how praying over and blessing your food actually changes the molecular structure and makes it healthier for you.

Imagine then what negative thoughts do to your body, especially considering that your body is primarily water.  If other living things respond to positive energy by becoming healthy, and respond to negative energy by essentially dying, it’s no wonder that our thoughts, emotions, words and actions can either create health or disease in our bodies.

Similarly, if you’ve ever studied muscle testing you will know that when presented with a negative thought or word our bodies will weaken, while a positive thought or word will strengthen us.  Think about the language you use with yourself and with those around you.  How are you impacting those closest to you?  We literally build people up or tear them down by our words and even our thoughts.  Even reading words will have this impact on us.  Say you post a negative comment on a social media site… you are actually quite realistically dragging people down!  So you might say, then, that you have the power to make the world a better place just by posting positive things, and thinking positive things, and speaking positive words.  That’s amazing!

As always, my friends, BE love!

Prepare Spiritually


This is the most important aspect of my preparedness series- if you do nothing else, do this!  We will need to be strong in faith to make it through the coming years.  Miracles only happen through faith, and we will be heavily reliant on miracles.


Read the Scriptures– Whatever your faith, if you haven’t already made a daily habit of pouring over the scriptures with prayer and intention, do that immediately.  The Scriptures are not merely stories from the past, they are stories of what is to come and give us the tools we need to fact the trials that lie ahead.  You can read all the scriptures online here


Exercise Faith in All Things–  Right now we are being given simple opportunities to grow and prove our faith.  Take advantage of those opportunities.  These will be different for every person and specific to you.  If you do not have the faith to be obedient over small things, you will not have the faith to endure and act in obedience over the big things that are to come.


Follow the Prophet– In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we have a living prophet, just as there was in Biblical times and in the church Jesus Christ set up on the earth during his mortal life.  The prophet is the mouth piece for God.  What the prophet says, do it.  No exceptions.  Obedience is a gift and a blessing.   If you are unfamiliar with the living prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson, you might check out past General Conference talks on, or join us online or in any LDS meetinghouse on the first weekend of October and April every year. 


Attend Church– This ties in with growing your faith.  A lot of people are against organized religion- I get it, I truly do.  I have felt that way myself.  This is one way the adversary deceives us.  It is essential we understand the purpose of gathering together, and it is NOT, I assure you, to brainwash us or put us in a box or any such thing.  It is to strengthen us, instruct us, develop our faith and our spiritual gifts, and to give us a large body of people to rely on a draw strength from.  Obviously, I’m partial to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I have seen many miracles and received much witness that this is the Church of Christ restored in the last days.  This church is very organized and has plans in place for the coming times.  If you have any questions about the LDS Church, please email me at


Adhere to Covenants–  A covenant is a two way promise.  You don’t get the blessing promised without fulfilling your end of the bargain.  Whatever covenants you’ve made, understand exactly what they involve and what the meaning is and make sure you are living your life in accordance.  We also made covenants before we came to the earth, pray and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit that you may achieve all that you came here to achieve.


Pray, and Listen–  I can’t think of a greater gift than prayer and personal revelation.  The two go hand in hand.  Our Father in Heaven, out of love for us, gave us a lifeline while we’re here on the earth.  He knew we would come up against insurmountable odds.  Through prayer, we can call down angels to assist us and received answers to any questions we ask.  Just be sure that when you pray, you pour out gratitude first and foremost, and when you’ve done that and have asked for those things you need and desire, listen.  Prayer is not a one way conversation.  The answer may not come immediately, though it sometimes does. Either way, the Lord hears you and the answer will come.


Choose Love– In all things and at all times.  Love is more than something we feel or something we do, it is what we are.  Love is the fabric of existence.  Love, like all things, is energy.  It is the energy with the highest vibrational value.  When we choose love, we choose truth and light.  With the escalation negative (low) energy vibration in the world we need to rise up in love to balance it. Loving others is also the most important thing Christ taught us.


Be Positive– Its best to practice positivity now while we are living in very comfortable circumstances.  Any survivalist, or anyone who has gone through severe sickness or turmoil will tell you that keeping positive is key.


Have Gratitude– As an appendage to being positive, gratitude in all things.  No matter how little we have, we always have something.  Even if we’ve been stripped bare, lost all we hold dear, are lying in the snow freezing and starving to death, we still have a tremendous amount to be thankful for.  Always, always, always keep a thankful heart.


Fast– Fasting is a sacrifice that adds to prayer as well as a spiritual and physical cleanse. Fasting brings about miracles.  It is a very powerful tool. See Helaman 3:35 in The Book of Mormon


Be Ready to Share– Nothing we have is ours.  Everything we are granted is given to us by the Lord and can easily be taken away.  We are meant to share the things given to us.  Be willing to live the Law of Consecration, to share your talents and the fruits of your labors equally with others. 


Pay Tithing– Tithing is a necessary part of receiving temporal and spiritual blessings.  It isn’t as much about where the money is going as it is about your own personal act of obedience.  Tithing is especially important when you don’t have much to live on.  Remember the widow’s mite?  The Lord knows our circumstances, and if you give, you will receive.  For as long as I have paid tithing, regardless of circumstance, I have always had my needs met, even when it made no sense on paper as to where the money came from. 


Get Out of Consumer Debt– Debt is bondage and it drags down our integrity.  I strongly encourage you to get out of debt as quickly as possible.  Dave Ramsey has great tips as to how to do that, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spare.