Who You Are, Why You Matter

   Its common discussion in missionary efforts to cover the questions most human beings have in common- Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  What will happen when we die?  It seems in general members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints feel confident they know the answers to these questions.  If you ask us why we are here the standard answer is, “To gain a body, to be tried, tested, and to return to our Father in heaven.”  That is not incorrect, its a great answer.  But in our day to day lives, do we really get WHY we are here?
   Most of  us tend to be people who get so caught up in the little things we forget about God.  Most of us don’t forget Him completely, but He is not our focal point most of the day.  Even those of us who are obedient, who make it habit to read scriptures and pray and such, often don’t really grasp and realistic perception of who we are and what this life is all about.   We may know it in our heads, but do we feel it in our hearts?  Are we compelled as though by a fire to seek after and fulfill the missions we covenanted to before we came to this earth?
   God has a plan for your life, a marvelous plan! A plan that YOU, with our divinely gifted agency, sat across from Him and thoughtfully mapped out.  Most of us can’t remember that at the moment, but imagine the excitement!  I happen to love to plan and achieve the results I set out to, and I can visualize this moment in time quite vividly.  I can clearly see evidence in my life that, right in alignment with my nature, I made the choice to take on one heavy load.  I am always overflowing with confidence that I can do just about everything there is to do… then I get in the trenches and doubt myself. Overwhelm nearly devours me.  I bet most of us do that.  The great news is, our Father knows us.  And He never leaves us alone.  I testify to you that I KNOW that we are constantly surrounded by loved ones eager to assist and comfort us, if only we will ask, because of course they will not cross the boundary of our agency.
   We are here to fulfill personal missions, and those missions have our spiritual (Heavenly) family at their core.  We are here to get ourselves and our brothers and sisters back to our parents.  In the process we progress by learning.  Period.  That is the point of all of this.  If we are not daily seeking to know and follow our own specific mission, we are asleep.  If we are not daily seeking our own salvation through utilizing the atonement, we are asleep.  If we are not daily seeking to comfort and uplift, protect and provide for our brothers and sisters, we are asleep.  And in this world of wolves if we are asleep, we are dead, both physically and spiritually.  It has been said, “Get your fire back. Its not over until God says its over.  Start believing again. Start dreaming again. Start pursuing what God put in your heart.”
   But how can we know our missions?  By following our interests.  By “pursuing what God put in your heart.”  If there is anything pure and good that you are passionate about, it likely has to do with your mission.  Now is the time to make diligent and daily effort to identify and refine your gifts.  You came here with many gifts and you will need them for your mission.  I honestly think the saddest thing I can imagine is passing through the veil at the end of my life and being told by the Savior that I failed to complete my part of the grand plan, and to know that I didn’t complete it because I was too busy sleeping my way through life.  Wasting time like I can get it back.  It happens to too many people.  Time is most precious.  Its spends itself speedily and can never be earned back.  We do not get infinite chances to do things right.  My husband came home feeling very pained today.  He had attended a funeral for a man in our church ward.  He had never met this man, who only occasionally attended, but he saw him in the hallway of church last Sunday.  My husband got the impression that he should go say hello and introduce himself, but he was busy chasing our very energetic toddler around and he hesitated, then the man was out of sight.  This man later killed himself.  He left behind a wife and a little one.  My husband returned home briefly after the funeral to sit with our children and explain to them why it is so important to quickly obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  He shared with them that he never again wants to hesitate in obeying.  My heart broke for him.  Who knows what would have happened had he spoke with that man that day.  It may not have changed the outcome, but knowing my husband as I do it no doubt would have left a positive impression.  At the very least, he would have no regret.  My guess is, these two men knew each other before this life and that that connection being made would have been very meaningful.  But we cannot know.  I am so grateful for my husband and the example he is to so many people.  I am grateful that he took the time to come home and share this heartfelt message with our children.  I am grateful that he humbly accepted this lesson and I don’t doubt that he will never hesitate again.  Some things you can’t get back.  This may have been part of his mission.
   Please do all that you can each day for the great plan that was laid out before the foundation of the world.  We are all depending on you.  You are important.  Every moment matters, we are only given so many.  If each of us comes here with a job to do and you decide you don’t feel like doing yours, then what?  I don’t want to have to answer to that when I return, and we know that we all will return.
Here are some other things you can do daily to come to the ever increasing knowledge of what God expects of you:
-Pray always.  Pray to know your mission.  Pray to know what you can do TODAY.  Pray for protection.  Pray for discernment.  Pray with gratitude and meekness.  Never stop praying.
-Study the scriptures, prayerfully and deeply.  Write down impressions as they come.
-Seek Priesthood Blessings frequently.  Write down those impressions as well.
-Read your Patriarchal Blessing frequently, study it just as you do the scriptures.  These are YOUR personal scriptures.  If you have not received your blessing, DO SO.  Do not procrastinate.
-Live worthy and always hold a current temple recommend.  Make consistent effort to attend the temple as often as possible.  Your ancestors on the other side will bless you are you have blessed them.  You will also have the added benefit of the unfiltered personal revelation that it inherent in the temple. AC
-Make an effort to get to know Christ more and more all the time.  He is not an abstract idea, he is a real, warm, compassionate, humorous, intelligent, humble man.  He is literally your elder brother.  There is never any reason to not come to Him for anything you might be in need of.  He is always there waiting.  He rejoices when you come to Him.  Christ is REAL.  He is as real as you are.
-Make an effort to get to know yourself.  You may know your worldly self (your habits, favorite things, etc.), but how well do you know your spiritual self?  How closely do you see yourself to the way your Heavenly Father does?  Do you see your divine potential?  Are you aware of your gifts and their purposes?  Do you understand your primary expression of energy?  Do you know your aura color and what it means?  Here is the true test, do you love yourself?  If you do not love yourself completely and without condition and treat yourself as you would treat someone you love dearly, then you are not seeing yourself as God sees you.  When we see ourselves for who we in truth are, we naturally love ourselves.
-Journal.  It may seem tedious and insignificant but put in a little faith and try it for a while.  You will find that the law of attraction is at work here.  The more you write down of what matters, the more will be given to you.  Also, you have a responsibility to record your life for your posterity and for the records in heaven.
“Inspiration exists, but it must find you working.”  -Pablo Picasso

Emulating God’s Pattern of Forgiveness

Growing up, I saw a lot of counselors who talked a lot about forgiveness.  I read about forgiveness, I thought about forgiveness, I prayed about it… I still could not understand how to apply it practically.  I felt like no one could tell me HOW to do it.  What does it look like in daily life?  What does it feel like?  I just kept being told the same thing over and over, “Forgiveness isn’t about the other person, its something you do for you.  You’re releasing yourself from the burden of the poor choices of others.”  I understood that aspect of it, but it still felt very empty and impractical to me.  I practiced forgiving in every way I could think of- telling the person who wronged me that I forgive them, writing them a letter and the destroying it, praying about it and giving it to God, saying it aloud to myself- but never once did I feel any different or any better.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as a Service Missionary for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and I work with the Women’s Addiction Recovery Program.  All of these women are working on healing wounds inflicted by loved one’s addictions, and several are recovering from their own addictions.  The Spirit in these meetings is unlike anything I’ve felt before, and these women are some of the very best I’ve ever met.  They are SO loved by our Father in Heaven.  Somewhere between their courageous sharing, the teaching of the Spirit, and my own experience with addicts and abuse, I’ve come to view forgiveness a little differently.  I think I’m only just beginning to understand it, but the little treasures of understanding I’ve been given are beautiful, scared, and powerful to me.
Forgiveness Not Acceptance of Wrongdoing
True forgiveness does not send the message that the sin is okay.  It does not give permission for it to continue.  It does not put the person forgiving in danger of being hurt again.  In fact, true forgiveness ONLY occurs from within the safety of personal boundaries.  It is only within the safety zone we set up for ourselves that we can be vulnerable enough to forgive.
Forgiveness Flips Perspective Upside Down
When we are unforgiving we are clinging to anger, resentment, sorrow, frustration, feelings of abandonment, etc.  Our perspective is that we trusted someone and they hurt us.  They took advantage of us.  They damaged our heart, and now we are forced to put up walls of protection.  We want them to understand what they have done to us, we want them to taste our pain.  These are completely normal human emotions, and they are the only emotions we are likely to feel if we’re viewing the situation from a human perspective.  We can broaden our perspective by recalling the reason we are each here- to receive a body, to be tried, tested, and to return to our Heavenly Father.  Can we do it alone?  No, you might say, we need Christ.  I would add that we also need EACH OTHER.  Are we working to return only to our Heavenly Father?  No.  We are returning to our Heavenly FAMILY.  If I am the only one who shows up, that will be a very sad day.  I want all of my family together.  If that is the case, then I need to look around me stop viewing flawed people with contempt.  After all, I am one of them.  I make mistakes.  I hurt people. I am no different or better than anyone.  I need to look around me and see people who are struggling.  People who have been hurt.  Life is a rough journey.  I am so busy trying to understand myself, I don’t have time to worry about judging why other people make the choices they do.  All I need to know is that people fall off course.  They make decisions that often hurt other people.  People who I am very close to have made decisions that have hurt me deeply.  I feel a responsibility to mentally remove myself from my human place in their life (wife, mother, daughter) and view my fellow beings as exactly what they are- my brothers and sisters.  In this light, it is my responsibility and my joy to feel for them, to understand that I can’t understand, to not judge or shame, to stop accusing them of hurting me and ask what I can do to help them in the struggle that has led them to harmful choices.  We do not get back to our Heavenly Family without each other’s loving support.
Forgiveness Does Not Neglect the Self
Ultimately we are only responsible for ourselves.  I don’t mean to imply that we set ourselves aside and concern ourselves only with our brothers and sisters- NO!  We set up boundaries and we do what we can for them within the safety of those boundaries.  We work on our own healing and progression.  Gandhi had it right, we must be the change we wish to see in the world.  We can only effect change in those around us by changing ourselves.  That is no small thing, it is VERY powerful.  We all learn by example, that is why Christ came to show us what to aim for.  He was the ideal example of being the change.  That leads me to my next point…
Forgiveness Utilizes the Atonement in Our Own Lives
We need to be forgiven ourselves, and we need to forgive ourselves, before we can forgive others.  When we feel deeply the gift and power of the atonement in our own lives we witness God’s love in a very real way.  When we begin to see how strong God’s love for us is, we will also see it in other people.  We become humbled.  We experience gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice and for having our own sins removed, and so we want those we love to feel the same relief.  It comes naturally, then, for us to be forgiving, because we are passing on the gift that has been given to us.  If God is willing to forgive me of all the wrong I do every day, surely I can be forgiving of others.
Forgiveness Creates Safety
Often we hold on to anger as a protection.  Sadly, holding on to anger is extremely damaging to us spiritually, mentally, and even physically.  Anger can cause all kinds of disease.  Anger is a defense, but it does not create safety.  Love cannot grow in the presence of anger, and relationships break down and we are left alone.  This is not protection!  All holding on to anger does is hurt us more, by holding on we allow the wrong doing to go on hurting us day in and day out for as long as we hold on to it.  That doesn’t mean anger is entirely bad, its the hanging on that is harmful.  Anger does an important job, it shows us what we value.  If my husband commits adultery, I will be angry because I value my marriage and my family above anything on earth.  I can go through a grieving process and express that anger (without shaming or judging, I need to own my anger), but I then have a choice of holding on to it, or healing.  My boundaries involve making space for bad to pass out and good to pass in.  When bad invades my boundaries, I remove myself and let it out.  That is the choice I make.  I can then safely forgive.
Forgiveness is a Process
It would be great if we could just say “I forgive you” and be done with it, but forgiveness doesn’t work that way.  It is a process, especially with people who are in our lives for the long haul.  There will be triggers, and there will likely even be new hurts and repeated ones.  No one is perfect, we certainly aren’t and we can’t expect others to be either.  We will need to forgive in little measures over and over and over, maybe for as long as we live.  That doesn’t mean that we never reap the reward of the relief of forgiveness.  Our reward comes through not holding on to all that pain and anger and carrying the weight of it with us through life.  It comes from setting up safe and healthy boundaries and the ease that comes into our lives as a result of that.  It comes from giving love space to grow.  It comes from enabling the formation of deep and meaningful connections with other people.  It comes from learning all the time to become more Christ-like.  If comes from deepening understanding of what the atonement is and does.  It comes from widening our spiritual perception (which is reality). It comes from strengthening our testimonies.  It comes from enabling healing in our lives.  And it comes from obtaining forgiveness from and for ourselves.
As with all things, we can gain a deeper understanding of forgiveness by pondering how our Father forgives us.  When we don’t know how to act or be, we can always look to Him. He gave us Christ and Christ gave us the ultimate example of forgiveness at the moment of his agonizing death, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (See Luke 23:34)  His life was all about love and forgiveness and He left a legacy of examples of how and why forgiveness is essential.
I hope this post got you thinking and I’m sure there is much more to forgiveness than I have shared here. As always, please feel free to add your thoughts!

That We Might Have Joy!


Today I am resurrecting a post from my personal blog from several years ago.  It goes so perfectly with the intention of this blog and my resolve to uplift and inspire. See it through to the end!

August 9, 2012

I don’t often speak from the depths of my soul.  I think most of the world will not understand.  But maybe I’m not giving the world enough credit.  We are each, after all, the same.  And within each one of us is the gift to recognize truth, and good, and things that are of God, our creator.

So here is the secret of my soul.  Here is the unsheltered reality by which I live.  It is a painful thing to behold the world.  The depth of unnecessary misery is torture to witness.  I see a world of pain, where joy is meant to be.  I see us creating our own disharmony.  I see us intentionally manufacturing and attaching ourselves to dangerous distractions.  I see us allowing the forces of evil to penetrate our hearts.  I see us poisoning ourselves and our children.  I see an, ironically, barbaric civilization.  One that is so far distanced from its inhabitant’s pristine origins, it now sees them as barbaric, and shuns them.  If a person dares to attempt to live as the Creator intended, he is weird, crazy, a “hippy.”  A peaceful person who views the earth with wonder and gratitude, who treats others with love even when that love is harshly rejected, who nourishes himself from the earth and does not inflict violence on any living thing is so foreign to us we might actually fear him.  We wouldn’t know how to relate to such an individual.  But we are perfectly comfortable in our social circles, going on about which brand of crackers our children prefer, how to best clean our ovens, which fictional novel we are currently reading, what happened on last night’s episode of Bones… but none of this matters!  Stop feeding your kids death!  Stop poisoning your family with ovens and all that comes out of them!  Stop filling the space of your mind with these distracting and often scandalous inventions of unrealistic existence!  And, please, stop staring at flashing lights on a screen for hours a day, allowing your life to slip by while you live vicariously though someone else’s life, which may or may not even exist!  Why allow your life to be wasted away?  Because it’s all you’ve ever known?  Because you’re not aware of what is real?  Because it’s one of the few comforts you’re aware of?  Because the way you live your life is so unnatural and as a result the stress so high you feel the need to zone out?

Stepping off the soap box now.  Please realize my irritation is with myself.  I am as guilty as anyone, and yet my consciousness is evolving.  And as it evolves I find myself questioning the activities I choose to include in my daily life.  I’m analyzing why I make the choices I do, what the payoff is, as well as the cost, and most importantly I’m asking myself if these things are serving greater good.  Do I need them?  Can I give them up?  What might I replace them with?

The unfortunate truth is that we are natural beings living in a way that is completely unnatural to our species.  We tend to prefer not to see ourselves in such a way, as “animals” so to speak, as part of nature.  We surround ourselves with destruction.  Do you get what I’m saying?  We surround ourselves with DESTRUCTION.  Take a moment right now to look at what surrounds you.  How many things can you count that were created by the robbing of life?  How many things were created in a factory?  How many things were once living that are now dead?  How many of these things will decay with time? How many are capable of their own reproduction?  Are you surrounded by anything that is living in its pristine form?  Human beings are meant to be part of the natural world.  It is this world that was created for us.  All things within it are intricately linked.  All things work in harmony.  Every needful thing is provided for us there.  When we live true to our nature, we need not ask God for anything.  We need only rejoice and praise Him with gratitude for all that he has given us from the beginning.  Not because we ought to, not because He says, but because we would be so overflowing with the pure love available to us, that we would not be able to contain it!

What can we do, in our modern society, to tap into this joy?  Here are a few ideas for you to condsider.  Walk barefoot outdoors daily.  Grow a garden.  Eat food in the form in which it is offered from the earth.  Cleanse the toxins of the modern world from your body via colon hydrotherapy and eating as mentioned previously.  Make a habit of viewing your life with gratitude rather than despair.  Allow enough quiet into your life that you can hear the whisperings of truth all around you.  Choose to love others just as they currently are.  MOVE your body.  They are designed to be moving most of the day!  Detach yourself from electronics as much as possible.  Connect to the people, plants, and animals around you.  Don’t allow fear to be a part of your experience.  Where there is love and faith there is no fear.  Get to know yourself.  Find our callings in life.  What are you most passionate about?  What can you do to assist others?  Go to bed with the sun and rise with it.  Release the past, it is no longer happening.  It only exists in our lives if we choose to hold on to it by focusing on it.  Look for the growth opportunities in your suffering.  Allow what’s in your heart to have a voice.  Do not fear vulnerability.  Do not concern yourself with that others think of you, they see through their own set of filters, they cannot know your true heart.  But your Father knows it and loves it.  Women, you are DIVINE!  You are daughters of GOD!  YOU are His greatest creation, the absolute pinnacle of perfection!  You are equipped with gifts that enable you to take the world from its current state of destruction, back to its pristine origins.  Bond yourselves together, there is power in numbers!  Do not allow the forces of darkness to come between you and your sisters.  Turn away from pettiness, judgment, superiority, control.  Look at the people around you as people, not as objects.  Every person you interact with is just like yourself, in fact they are a part of you.  Treat them as such.  Do not destroy God’s creations.  Do not kill his animals.  They have been entrusted to you and are here to serve you.

My only hope as I write this is that someone will come away pondering.  Some spark will ignite in the depths of a soul which, as he focuses on it, will grow into a force for good in his life.  Each life on this earth is an essential part of the big picture, the Master’s Plan, and if I have said anything that might bring more power to the forces of light, I have done well in the sight of my Creator.  And ultimately, that is what matters.

Proving the Power of Love


the experiment

I saw a few people doing this experiment on Facebook and I thought it would be a really cool thing for my kids to see.  I talk to them about the principals behind it all the time but we all know kids don’t learn best by us just talking to them, and I always love a good experiment.  It’s a simple one- you just put some cooked rice into two jars, label one jar with positive words and the other with negative words.  And then you wait.   We waited about a week.  I placed the jars about a foot apart from each other on the counter, and just to be sure I wasn’t swaying it I even put the positive jar on the side closest to the heat from the stove to stack the odds against it.  But guess what?  Love prevails, always.


side by sides

Our thoughts and words are energy, just like everything else.  Even words we write have energy.  Positive energy carries a higher vibration and is promoting of life, while negative energy is the exact opposite. This test proves it.  You may have heard of the experiments that have been done with water.  One vial of water was exposed to positive energy and the other to negative and then drops of the water were frozen and examined under a microscope.  The positive water made beautiful, symmetrical, structured patterns, while the negative water was a big old nasty mess.

Thinking back to the water before and after prayer in the video above, you might consider how praying over and blessing your food actually changes the molecular structure and makes it healthier for you.

Imagine then what negative thoughts do to your body, especially considering that your body is primarily water.  If other living things respond to positive energy by becoming healthy, and respond to negative energy by essentially dying, it’s no wonder that our thoughts, emotions, words and actions can either create health or disease in our bodies.

Similarly, if you’ve ever studied muscle testing you will know that when presented with a negative thought or word our bodies will weaken, while a positive thought or word will strengthen us.  Think about the language you use with yourself and with those around you.  How are you impacting those closest to you?  We literally build people up or tear them down by our words and even our thoughts.  Even reading words will have this impact on us.  Say you post a negative comment on a social media site… you are actually quite realistically dragging people down!  So you might say, then, that you have the power to make the world a better place just by posting positive things, and thinking positive things, and speaking positive words.  That’s amazing!

As always, my friends, BE love!

A Simple Way to Remove Emotional and Physical Distress


For as long as I can remember, my actions have not been in alignment with my heart.  I almost always feel so much love and empathy for every living thing around me, but I’m short tempered, hasty, impatient, and reactive.  I spent many years searching for a way to learn to be more loving.  I read many parenting books, since this behavior came about when I was under stress, which is typically when I’m with my children.  Most of the books offered great advice, assuming you could keep your cool, which I couldn’t.  I studied Nonviolent Communication.  I prayed my heart out about it frequently.  I tried journaling it out.  I went to counseling.  I bought and checked out from the library countless books that I started reading and never finished.  I had massage, SomatoEmotional Release, meridian, and polarity work done on me.  I tried every method of relaxation I’ve ever heard of.  I took herbal remedies…  you get the point.  The only thing that made any difference at all was when I started eating a vegetarian diet and working out, but I was still very angry and very reactive a lot of the time.  For so many years I went to bed every night with a heart heavy with guilt, praying for forgiveness and asking for help to find a way that I can do better the next day.  All I wanted was to be able to express the love that’s in my heart in my everyday words and actions.  I wanted to not yell at or hit people anymore.  I wanted to not freak out over the buildup of little stresses and injure my hand punching things when I lost control.  I wanted to not eat in attempt to numb myself.  I wanted to not be filled to the brim with rage.  But I just couldn’t get around it, and I couldn’t let it go. 

I may be minority here, but I have a feeling I’m not.


Well, recently I was led to something that has been a game changer, and it’s called The Emotion Code.  You can get the ebook version for free here.  It’s so simple to learn to use, and if you don’t want to learn it, no problem.  There are practitioners all over the place and you don’t have to even be in the same state with them for this to work on you.  I was halfway through reading the book the first time I used it.  I had also watched this youtube video of it being done, so I had somewhat of an idea of how to do it properly.  My son had had a headache every night for several days.  He had been requesting that I do CranioSacral Therapy on him because that was helping somewhat.  I’d started doing the CST releases when I had the thought that there might be an emotional cause. To keep a long story short and eliminate too many personal details for him, he ended up having a remarkable healing. The emotion causing the headache was abandonment and it came from shortly after his birth when he had had an issue with a little fluid in his lungs and had been separated from me to have medical tests done.  He cried and cried as I instinctively held him.  He seemed to have gone back to that moment in his life and was remember and releasing the trauma.  We talked for a long time about the day of his birth and all that we both went through.  The next day, for the first time ever, he was a fairly happy kid who didn’t throw fits constantly and beat up his siblings.

The next day, I decided to try it on myself.  I’ll hold back the personal details here as well and just say that I did 3 releases on myself that day, and I have not been the same since.   I do not yell at my kids anymore.  I am not bitter and constantly snapping at my husband.  I don’t feel angry.  I no longer feel like I’m constantly in a rush and overwhelmed.  I feel relatively balanced.  I have had no reactive or violent outbursts.  I am much more affectionate.  I don’t feel like I’ve got a wall build around myself.  I’m not constantly in pain from being so tense.  I feel more like me than I ever have.  I can’t express what a blessing this has been.  My heart and my actions are so much closer to always being in alignment now.  I’m very excited to learn more and get more practice in this method of healing. 

If you have any questions you can email me at one.uprising@yahoo.com.

Prepare Spiritually


This is the most important aspect of my preparedness series- if you do nothing else, do this!  We will need to be strong in faith to make it through the coming years.  Miracles only happen through faith, and we will be heavily reliant on miracles.


Read the Scriptures– Whatever your faith, if you haven’t already made a daily habit of pouring over the scriptures with prayer and intention, do that immediately.  The Scriptures are not merely stories from the past, they are stories of what is to come and give us the tools we need to fact the trials that lie ahead.  You can read all the scriptures online here


Exercise Faith in All Things–  Right now we are being given simple opportunities to grow and prove our faith.  Take advantage of those opportunities.  These will be different for every person and specific to you.  If you do not have the faith to be obedient over small things, you will not have the faith to endure and act in obedience over the big things that are to come.


Follow the Prophet– In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we have a living prophet, just as there was in Biblical times and in the church Jesus Christ set up on the earth during his mortal life.  The prophet is the mouth piece for God.  What the prophet says, do it.  No exceptions.  Obedience is a gift and a blessing.   If you are unfamiliar with the living prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson, you might check out past General Conference talks on LDS.org, or join us online or in any LDS meetinghouse on the first weekend of October and April every year. 


Attend Church– This ties in with growing your faith.  A lot of people are against organized religion- I get it, I truly do.  I have felt that way myself.  This is one way the adversary deceives us.  It is essential we understand the purpose of gathering together, and it is NOT, I assure you, to brainwash us or put us in a box or any such thing.  It is to strengthen us, instruct us, develop our faith and our spiritual gifts, and to give us a large body of people to rely on a draw strength from.  Obviously, I’m partial to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I have seen many miracles and received much witness that this is the Church of Christ restored in the last days.  This church is very organized and has plans in place for the coming times.  If you have any questions about the LDS Church, please email me at one.uprising@yahoo.com.


Adhere to Covenants–  A covenant is a two way promise.  You don’t get the blessing promised without fulfilling your end of the bargain.  Whatever covenants you’ve made, understand exactly what they involve and what the meaning is and make sure you are living your life in accordance.  We also made covenants before we came to the earth, pray and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit that you may achieve all that you came here to achieve.


Pray, and Listen–  I can’t think of a greater gift than prayer and personal revelation.  The two go hand in hand.  Our Father in Heaven, out of love for us, gave us a lifeline while we’re here on the earth.  He knew we would come up against insurmountable odds.  Through prayer, we can call down angels to assist us and received answers to any questions we ask.  Just be sure that when you pray, you pour out gratitude first and foremost, and when you’ve done that and have asked for those things you need and desire, listen.  Prayer is not a one way conversation.  The answer may not come immediately, though it sometimes does. Either way, the Lord hears you and the answer will come.


Choose Love– In all things and at all times.  Love is more than something we feel or something we do, it is what we are.  Love is the fabric of existence.  Love, like all things, is energy.  It is the energy with the highest vibrational value.  When we choose love, we choose truth and light.  With the escalation negative (low) energy vibration in the world we need to rise up in love to balance it. Loving others is also the most important thing Christ taught us.


Be Positive– Its best to practice positivity now while we are living in very comfortable circumstances.  Any survivalist, or anyone who has gone through severe sickness or turmoil will tell you that keeping positive is key.


Have Gratitude– As an appendage to being positive, gratitude in all things.  No matter how little we have, we always have something.  Even if we’ve been stripped bare, lost all we hold dear, are lying in the snow freezing and starving to death, we still have a tremendous amount to be thankful for.  Always, always, always keep a thankful heart.


Fast– Fasting is a sacrifice that adds to prayer as well as a spiritual and physical cleanse. Fasting brings about miracles.  It is a very powerful tool. See Helaman 3:35 in The Book of Mormon


Be Ready to Share– Nothing we have is ours.  Everything we are granted is given to us by the Lord and can easily be taken away.  We are meant to share the things given to us.  Be willing to live the Law of Consecration, to share your talents and the fruits of your labors equally with others. 


Pay Tithing– Tithing is a necessary part of receiving temporal and spiritual blessings.  It isn’t as much about where the money is going as it is about your own personal act of obedience.  Tithing is especially important when you don’t have much to live on.  Remember the widow’s mite?  The Lord knows our circumstances, and if you give, you will receive.  For as long as I have paid tithing, regardless of circumstance, I have always had my needs met, even when it made no sense on paper as to where the money came from. 


Get Out of Consumer Debt– Debt is bondage and it drags down our integrity.  I strongly encourage you to get out of debt as quickly as possible.  Dave Ramsey has great tips as to how to do that, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spare.