Reasons I’m Not Crazy, vol 1


This is probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever written, and probably the first time I’ve ever proclaimed sanity…  but, as promised, I am responding to this comment that I received and any others who might share similar sentiments.


I realize this person will probably never read this, and that’s not the point.  The point is that what I am proposing is coming is actually completely rational, and should come as no surprise at all to anyone, especially any Christian, double especially any Latter-Day Saint.  Anyone who has read the Bible and believed it to any extent knows that Christ came and will come again.  That IS going to happen, and when we really start to study it out and listen to prophecy we can only come to the conclusion that for most of us, if we live an average lifetime, we will witness the event in the flesh.

Reason I’m Not Crazy #1

In case you missed my previous posts, my belief is that we are on the verge of the outbreak of a world war and that those of us within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, along with some of other faiths, will be invited to places of refuge that have been prepared by the LDS church.  These being camps in the mountains.  After a time we will journey to build Zion, the New Jerusalem in Jackson County Missouri, as well as other Cities of Zion, and then Christ will appear to us.  Sound crazy?  Its not.  The Lord has always called his people to the wilderness to protect them from destruction.  In fact, its happened in the scriptures many times!

Here is a list a friend of mine put together:

Times the Lord has “called out” his people before a cleansing or destruction:
1 Joel 2:28 Sons & Daughter prophecy, old men dreams, young men visions
2 Revelations 12:6 Woman (church) fled into wilderness, place prepared, feed her there 3.5 years
3 Isaiah 51:3 Lord will comfort Zion, wilderness like Eden, garden. Joy, gladness, thanksgiving & voices of melody
4 D&C 29:2-10 Gather his people, mine elect hear my voice, to one place, prepare hearts and be prepared in all things
5 Revelations 18:4 Come out of her (babylon) my people and be not partakers of sin
6 Matthew 3:12 Will gather his wheat into garners and burn the chaff
7 1 Nephi 22:24 Righteous led up as calves of the stall (gathered together and protected)
8 D&C 63:34-36 Saints shall narrowly escape – in the nick of time – leave
9 D&C 63:54 there will be foolish virgins (members) among the wise, they will be separated (sifting members)
10 Matthew 24:15-18 No time to return home to pack or get clothes – flee
11 D&C 115:6 Zion refuge from storm – wrath of God poured out on earth without measure
12 Omni 1:12 Flee – as many as would harken – into the wilderness
13 Psalms 11:1 (JST) Righteous flee like bird let go from snare – narrowly, quickly
14 Psalms 11:5 (JST) Shall redeem my righteous – “they shall be tried”
15 Revelations 12:14 Woman given wings to fly into wilderness – into her place – nourished for a time
16 D&C Section 1: 14-16 Day of wrath poured out, those who won’t listen will be cut off
17 Alma 26:5-7 they shall be gathered into the garners, gathered together in their place for they are his.
18 Moses 7:18 Zion – one heart, one mind, dwelt in righteousness, no poor among them
19 Isaiah 54:2 Enlarge the place of thy tent, stakes of zion
20 D&C 105:5 Zion built on laws of celestial kingdom “otherwise, can’t receive her unto myself” wise virgins only
21 Isaiah 26:20-21 Come my people – hide thyself (places of refuge)
22 Jacob 3:4 God will lead away righteous
23 Isaiah 22:8 Forest home as protection
24 Ezekial 20:35,37 Bring you into wilderness – in my holy mountain – accept them
25 Hosea 12:9 Dwell in tabernacles (footnote definition: tents)
26 Revelations 20:4 Many saints will be beheaded for their witness of Jesus – die in the Lord – taken to heaven
27 Genesis 19:14 Lot fleeing Sodom – used as cross reference to Rev 18:4 above
28 Isaiah 32:17-19 My people will dwell peacefully, hail – cross reference D&C 29:16 – great hailstorm to destroy crops
29 3 Nephi 3:10-13, 22 Gather together all their substance – food, tents, gold, silver flee
30 2 Nephi 23:2-3 Banner high mountain tops. Gates of nobles (safe within). High on a mountain top a banner is unfurled
31 Mosiah 22:2,6,12 Deliver out of bondage, take family & tent flee to wilderness
32 Joel 2: 15,16 Gather the people, solemn assembly, let the bridegroom go forth (5 wise virgins – made it!)
33 Joel 2: 19,20 Lord will send food to his people and remove us from the path of the armies
34 Joel 2: 16 Fear not – be glad and rejoice for the Lord will do great things!
35 Joel 2: 24-26 Floors full of wheat, eat in plenty and be satisfied (through the famine on the rest of the world)
36 Joel 2: 32 Lord will be in their mist, whosoever calls upon his name shall be delivered (rescue)
37 Hinckley GC 2001 “Vision of Joel has been fulfilled”
38 Elder Oaks GC 2004 “Accelerate our own preparation and influence the preparation of those around us”
39 Elder Aldridge LDSBC “a way is prepared for the escape of the Lord’s elect if they are in tune with His prophets”
40 Elder Lee GC 1948 “he will reveal his will when and where such gatherings would take place in the future.”
41 Elder Eyring BYU 2005 “Lord has prepared places of safety to which he is eager to guide us. It will be our choice”
42 Joseph TPJS p 71 “without zion and a place of deliverance, we must fail; gathered to places God has appointed”
43 Joseph DHC 4:272 “no other way for the saints to be saved in these last days than by gathering”
44 Elder Talmage 1921 “but when the cry shall come, and come it shall: “To your tents, O Israel”
45 Brigham Young “To your tents, O Israel, because it was the only thing that could keep the people pure.”
46 Elder Kimball JoD “When the time comes the Lord says, To your tents O Israel, they must be for God”
47 Revelations to Joseph “Faithful among my people shall be preserved in holy places during tribulations” (1831)

The church as been preparing for the tribulations preceding the Second Coming since the Church’s restoration in the 1930s.  The church owns tons of land in wilderness areas all over the western side of the country.  We have been told for 70 years to get prepared.  At first, they asked us to obtain 7 years of food and supplies for each member of our family (makes sense since there will be 7 years of tribulation), but after that seemed too difficult for most of the members they lowered it to 1 year minimum… remind you of any other story… Moses… anyone?

We can clearly see that it is the Lord’s way to remove His people before disaster strikes.  They always endure many trials in the wilderness, but they escape destruction.  Is it that far fetched to believe it will be the same for us?


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