Focus on Raising the Love


I realize that most of what I say may come across to many as negative.  I’ve heard the words “doom and gloom”  a time or two.  Its hard for me to wrap my mind around because to me the message I’m sharing here is so EXCITING!  Never the less, I sincerely apologize if anything has come across negatively.  The purpose of this blog is not only to inform but to raise the energy of the earth.  The purpose of this blog is love and positivity.  I’ve decided to quiet my warning voice for the next week and raise the energy here by doing what I do best in real life, spread that high vibe happiness!

I am crazy in love with this quote I just came across.  It is a bit of a warning, but pay close attention:

“The kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God on the earth will be combined together at Christ’s coming – and that time is not far distant. How I wish we could get the vision of this work, the genius of it, and realize the nearness of that great event. I am sure it would have a sobering effect upon us if we realized what is before us.” Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, October 1992

How many of us truly “get” it?  We are LIVING God’s plan!  This is HUGE!  We are part of a great work.  We are privileged to be here on this earth during the most amazing time the world has, and will, ever see.  Christ IS coming.  And soon.  The veil IS thinning, we ARE becoming ONE (hence the name of the blog, in case you missed that haha).  Every day I wonder how I ever qualified to be chosen to be on the earth at this time.  I have no idea, all I know is that I am so very grateful.  Just completely consumed with gratitude.  And I know that whatever I did, YOU did it too, or something equally wonderful at least!  How wonderful it is to be a Child of God!   He is SO GOOD!! His love is the most divine thing in existence!

As you go about your day today I pray you will look around you and recognize your Father’s love in every good thing.  I pray you will experience His love for you individually.  I pray you will come to understand how unimaginably HUGE this time in the world is, and I pray that you will find joy in the opportunity to witness and be an integral part of it!


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