Why I No Longer Support Any Cause


Stop Monsanto, save the bees, end fracking… no thanks.


I used to be a huge supporter of many causes.  I probably used to post like 10 petitions on Facebook every day.  I haven’t done that in a while now, and here’s why-

Because it doesn’t matter.

There is no way to turn this bus around, and its headed right for a cliff.

We are simply too far gone.

So, instead of trying to undo all the terrible things that are being done in the world, which is just treading water while moving swiftly backward toward a ginormous waterfall… I’ve accepted that there are only 2 things I can do.

1. Prepare myself and my family and draw close to Christ.

2. Inspire other people to prepare and draw closer to Christ.

Religion isn’t for you?  Cool.  That’s fine with me.  I value your agency as much as I do mine, but I love you and I fear for you.  I know what’s coming.  I look around me everywhere I go and I just want to scream what I know to all the people I see.  I fill my car up with gas and see a mother across from with 3 kids in her van and I wonder if she is going to have to witness the painful death of those precious children, or be separated from them and all taken to places they will never return from.  I see a man walking out of Walmart with a huge flat screen TV and I want to beg him to return it and spend that money on food to store.  I want to explain to him how that TV isn’t even going to work, no electronics will, in another year or two.  But you can’t.  You can’t say anything to most people because they’ll call you crazy and go right on doing as they’ve always done.  They don’t want to believe things will ever change.  They want to go on living in an imagined bubble of invincibility.  Boy, do we forget far too quickly.  Its only been 6 years since we had a recession.  Our grandparents lived through the Great Depression… in the grand scheme of things that wasn’t long ago.  We hear about all the terrible things going on in the world, but no one believes they will ever happen here.  Try and tell someone ISIS is in America and all you’ll do is stir up anger in them- against YOU.  They won’t believe you.  Tell people how corrupt their government is and you’ll get the same response.  People are sleeping and they do love their sleep.

If you’re still reading this and haven’t already, please learn more about what I’m saying!  Your life truly and urgently depends on it.  It is out of love that I put myself out there and write these things.  I won’t be able to write here forever, it won’t be safe.  I am dipping my toes into dangerous waters as it is.  Also, I won’t be here forever.  I know what’s coming and I’m going to the safest place there is.  Shortly thereafter all electronic devices will be rendered useless anyway.

Open your eyes! See the light!

And let God take care of the bees.


2 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Support Any Cause

  1. Hello,
    I know those ladies who are sponsoring the Whole Person Conference. They are great ladies. I have one plea to thee though about giving up on our US Constitution. From Washington’s Vision : Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union.” I do not believe the Heavenly Inspired Constitution has done all God created it to do. I believe we should do our part as supporters of it. I do believe the bees and the other “causes” are symptoms of not living according to the Constitution God has given us. I believe it is not too late if we don’t desert it. It is inspired of God. If you are able, I invite you to come to our Cache Valley Chapter of Freedom First; we meet at the Smithfield Rec Center we are only a few months old here but there are 35 chapters nationally. Our next meeting will be on March 26th at 7pm. My name is Alisa and I’ve only been to two of their meetings but they are not going for the branches they are going for the roots because the Constitution can heal what ails us. Just my two cents worth. 🙂


    • I totally agree! I certainly have not, nor will I ever, give up on the constitution. The Constitution WILL be saved! Perhaps my intent did not come across well… what I am saying is that instead of focusing on the fears of all the details of the things that have gone wrong in the world, instead of signing petitions and staging protests for these little things, we need to turn to God. He will make everything well in the end, if we only turn to Him. The Constitution is HIS, it is completely divinely inspired!


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