Proving the Power of Love


the experiment

I saw a few people doing this experiment on Facebook and I thought it would be a really cool thing for my kids to see.  I talk to them about the principals behind it all the time but we all know kids don’t learn best by us just talking to them, and I always love a good experiment.  It’s a simple one- you just put some cooked rice into two jars, label one jar with positive words and the other with negative words.  And then you wait.   We waited about a week.  I placed the jars about a foot apart from each other on the counter, and just to be sure I wasn’t swaying it I even put the positive jar on the side closest to the heat from the stove to stack the odds against it.  But guess what?  Love prevails, always.


side by sides

Our thoughts and words are energy, just like everything else.  Even words we write have energy.  Positive energy carries a higher vibration and is promoting of life, while negative energy is the exact opposite. This test proves it.  You may have heard of the experiments that have been done with water.  One vial of water was exposed to positive energy and the other to negative and then drops of the water were frozen and examined under a microscope.  The positive water made beautiful, symmetrical, structured patterns, while the negative water was a big old nasty mess.

Thinking back to the water before and after prayer in the video above, you might consider how praying over and blessing your food actually changes the molecular structure and makes it healthier for you.

Imagine then what negative thoughts do to your body, especially considering that your body is primarily water.  If other living things respond to positive energy by becoming healthy, and respond to negative energy by essentially dying, it’s no wonder that our thoughts, emotions, words and actions can either create health or disease in our bodies.

Similarly, if you’ve ever studied muscle testing you will know that when presented with a negative thought or word our bodies will weaken, while a positive thought or word will strengthen us.  Think about the language you use with yourself and with those around you.  How are you impacting those closest to you?  We literally build people up or tear them down by our words and even our thoughts.  Even reading words will have this impact on us.  Say you post a negative comment on a social media site… you are actually quite realistically dragging people down!  So you might say, then, that you have the power to make the world a better place just by posting positive things, and thinking positive things, and speaking positive words.  That’s amazing!

As always, my friends, BE love!


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