This Video Says It All


YOU have been chosen.  

We like to go through life as though nothing exceptional is happening.  We like to think about what we’d like to eat, or do this weekend, or where we’d like to be in 5 years, or where we might go on vacation if we had the money.  We like wrap ourselves up in TV shows.  We like to laugh at irreverent things and use irreverent language and pretend that there is no consequence to any of our choices.  You only live once, we say, and so we ought to really LIVE life.  We ought to do what makes us happy, what makes us feel good.  We ought to think about ourselves because if we don’t make ourselves happy, who will?  Right?

Wrong, my friends.  So, so, very wrong.  If this is your life and your attitude, you have been utterly deceived.  The time to wake up is NOW.  The way that most of us live is not reality, it is a lie.  It is imperative to our temporal and eternal life that we open our eyes and look at the world around us.  It is not as it once was. We are surrounded by terrors- terrors which have been prophesied and which are only a miniscule precursor for what is to soon come. 

Do not delay in seeking the truth.  Do not delay in preparing yourself both spiritually and temporally.  In an instant you will soon be living in a world worse than any of us can conceive of.  Far, far more gruesome than the worst horror films ever made.  We will quickly be living in a literal hell on earth.  Where will you stand?  In the midst of it to suffer, or will you rise up to stand in Holy Places, places of hope and faith?  

YOU have been chosen to live in the time of the coming of Christ, to either be destroyed with the wicked or to fight for right in the Army of God, to labor through the millennium bringing souls to Christ.  We already know which side wins this war.  It’s time to choose your Master. By not choosing, you choose. And the choice is a dangerous one.

Please watch this 14-minute video and take in the reality that surrounds us, bearing in mind, once again, that these are only signs.  They are meant for a warning.  The true test has yet to begin, but the bell is set to ring.


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