Prepare Intellectually


The last installment of my prepare series is intellectual preparation.  There are a few simple outlines here of what we can do.  Follow your instincts on these because the specifics will be unique to everyone.


Explore Your Interests– Following our interests, or the things we’re most passionate about, is a sure fire way of discovering what our life purpose and spiritual talents are.  Whatever it is that makes you feel absolutely alive, take the time to really delve into it!


Refine Your Spiritual Gifts– Once you’ve explored your interests and pinpointed a few things that you feel are an essential part of you, go ahead and give yourself the gift of refining those talents.  That may mean taking classes, or practicing, or sharing, etc, depending on the gift, but collect knowledge and resources and get to be the best you can be at it. These skills will be your valuable contribution to humanity in the coming trials. Many people have recently begun recognizing their spiritual gifts and feeling pressed to develop them.  There is a reason.


Lean Survival Skills–  Important skills include things such as foraging for food, shooting, fire building, fishing, hunting, long term camping, hiking, gardening, herbal medicine, emergency medicine, how to handle stress in an emergency, war tactics, shelter building, etc.  I encourage you to get a good survival book that isn’t too big that you can carry with you.  Many people will be heading for the mountains on foot with only what they can carry and will need to survive on their own and defend themselves for several years.  


Mentally Process–  What’s about to happen in the world is a lot to process emotionally and mentally.  Allow yourself to grieve.  Allow yourself to ponder and come up with strategies.  Allow yourself to do whatever you need to do to feel as okay as possible with what you have learned about the world we are living in. 


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