A Simple Way to Remove Emotional and Physical Distress


For as long as I can remember, my actions have not been in alignment with my heart.  I almost always feel so much love and empathy for every living thing around me, but I’m short tempered, hasty, impatient, and reactive.  I spent many years searching for a way to learn to be more loving.  I read many parenting books, since this behavior came about when I was under stress, which is typically when I’m with my children.  Most of the books offered great advice, assuming you could keep your cool, which I couldn’t.  I studied Nonviolent Communication.  I prayed my heart out about it frequently.  I tried journaling it out.  I went to counseling.  I bought and checked out from the library countless books that I started reading and never finished.  I had massage, SomatoEmotional Release, meridian, and polarity work done on me.  I tried every method of relaxation I’ve ever heard of.  I took herbal remedies…  you get the point.  The only thing that made any difference at all was when I started eating a vegetarian diet and working out, but I was still very angry and very reactive a lot of the time.  For so many years I went to bed every night with a heart heavy with guilt, praying for forgiveness and asking for help to find a way that I can do better the next day.  All I wanted was to be able to express the love that’s in my heart in my everyday words and actions.  I wanted to not yell at or hit people anymore.  I wanted to not freak out over the buildup of little stresses and injure my hand punching things when I lost control.  I wanted to not eat in attempt to numb myself.  I wanted to not be filled to the brim with rage.  But I just couldn’t get around it, and I couldn’t let it go. 

I may be minority here, but I have a feeling I’m not.


Well, recently I was led to something that has been a game changer, and it’s called The Emotion Code.  You can get the ebook version for free here.  It’s so simple to learn to use, and if you don’t want to learn it, no problem.  There are practitioners all over the place and you don’t have to even be in the same state with them for this to work on you.  I was halfway through reading the book the first time I used it.  I had also watched this youtube video of it being done, so I had somewhat of an idea of how to do it properly.  My son had had a headache every night for several days.  He had been requesting that I do CranioSacral Therapy on him because that was helping somewhat.  I’d started doing the CST releases when I had the thought that there might be an emotional cause. To keep a long story short and eliminate too many personal details for him, he ended up having a remarkable healing. The emotion causing the headache was abandonment and it came from shortly after his birth when he had had an issue with a little fluid in his lungs and had been separated from me to have medical tests done.  He cried and cried as I instinctively held him.  He seemed to have gone back to that moment in his life and was remember and releasing the trauma.  We talked for a long time about the day of his birth and all that we both went through.  The next day, for the first time ever, he was a fairly happy kid who didn’t throw fits constantly and beat up his siblings.

The next day, I decided to try it on myself.  I’ll hold back the personal details here as well and just say that I did 3 releases on myself that day, and I have not been the same since.   I do not yell at my kids anymore.  I am not bitter and constantly snapping at my husband.  I don’t feel angry.  I no longer feel like I’m constantly in a rush and overwhelmed.  I feel relatively balanced.  I have had no reactive or violent outbursts.  I am much more affectionate.  I don’t feel like I’ve got a wall build around myself.  I’m not constantly in pain from being so tense.  I feel more like me than I ever have.  I can’t express what a blessing this has been.  My heart and my actions are so much closer to always being in alignment now.  I’m very excited to learn more and get more practice in this method of healing. 

If you have any questions you can email me at one.uprising@yahoo.com.


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