Prepare Physically


I posted previously, a warning that things are about to drastically change.  The world as we know it will never be again, and this process is already in the works.  Please see my other posts to get a full picture of what I am referring to.  I will be posting information as quickly as I can.  In this post I will focus on some things we can do to prepare physically.



Gather Supplies– There are some things we are all going to need, and it would be best to get them before the impending financial crises, but DO NOT go into debt for these things. #1- Food, at least a year supply for each member of your family, but ideally 7 years supply. #2 Hygiene items, also 1-7 years.  You might research making your own items out of common supplies such as baking soda (I do this, the products are far superior to manufactured goods, and a fraction of the cost). #3 Camping Gear and Warm clothing.  Even if you live in a warm climate.  Be prepared to be exposed to the elements in winter in cold places. Also be prepared for abnormal weather.  #4 Cash.  Cash will only be a means of trade for a little while, but it’s a good tool to have on hand for now.  #4  Gold, silver and other items to barter.  These things will become invaluable as time goes on.  Things that will be great for barter will be basic food items and basic personal hygiene items, such as toilet paper.  This list is in the order of importance.   I would also add medicine to this list, and I will have a separate post on that topic.


Obtain Guns and Ammunition– And quick.  The plan to disarm American citizens is in full swing and soon it will be too late.  It is necessary you have the means and know how to defend yourself and your family.


Eat Light– It will do you good regardless to move toward lighter eating habits.  We are a country that overeats SO much more than we realize.  The longest lived cultures eat a light, plant based diet (see The Blue Zones).  It will also be important at this time to let go of food addictions, because food will be very scarce soon and our options will be rather limited.  The lighter our bodies are used to eating, the farther our food supplies will go.


Cleanse & Heal– You are going to need to be as healthy as you can be to have the best possible chance of weathering the coming storm.  A cleansing diet will not only get you used to eating light, it will strengthen and heal your body at a cellular level, and will also awaken you spiritually. For information on cleansing, feel free to email me at


Learn to Fast, Be Obedient to the Law of the Fast– With the limited variety and quantity of food that will be available, and the need for spiritual strength, fasting will be a very important tool.


Spend Time Outdoors–  You can really help yourself out by getting your body as used to the elements as possible.  Of course, nothing can really prepare us for the extreme weather and natural disasters to come, but the fact is most of us will be living outdoors and if we’re not used to that, it will come as quite a shock.  Get used to the sun on your skin and the air in your lungs.  Get use to the temperature drops at night (yes, sleep outside as much as you can).  Go barefoot as much as possible.  Expose yourself to the heat.  Do as much physical work outdoors as you can.  These things can only help you, regardless of what happens.  We all should be connected to nature, that is how we are designed to be.


Release Trapped Emotions– Now is the time to let it go.  There are many healing modalities for releasing trapped emotions.  I practice The Healing Code.  For more information, please email me  We need to enter tomorrow with a clear heart and mind, without that we will suffer all the more.


Learn to Forage, Eat What You Gather–  Pretty much anywhere you live you can find classes the teach foraging skills.  There are also some great books out there.  Edible Wild Plants is our favorite and the one we use often.  Learn to forage and get familiar with eating the things that you find (this will also tie into cleansing and exposing yourself to the outdoors).


Keep a Positive Outlook–  Do not be afraid!  The only way to triumph is to come from a place of love, hope, and faith.  Keep up a good spirit, lift up the people around you, and remember we already know which team wins this battle… choose the winning team and everything will be fine in the end!  Negativity will only drag you down and make your heart prime real estate for the adversary to set up shop.


Perform Physical Labors/Get Fit with Natural Movement–  Get used to physical labor.  Gone will soon be the days of sitting behind a computer, at the wheel of the car, or lounging around your house.  Our societal idea of exercise is completely unnatural (which is why we have to fight ourselves to do it).  I recommend free movement, and especially laborious movement.  Something you love to do or that serves a purpose is best.  Make it an outdoor activity for extra benefit.


Withdraw Your Cash–  Banks are about to collapse, you don’t want  your financial resources to go down with them.


The time to prepare is NOW.  This is not a fear mongering paranoia of things to come.  This is my attempt to wake you up to things already happening.  It is an act of love and service on my part and I sincerely hope you will take it to heart and at least consider it.


2 thoughts on “Prepare Physically

    • At first, this comment really hurt my feelings. After a few days of being heartbroken I realized its a great opportunity to write a post based on what you have said. So thank you for that! I’m excited to clarify exactly how crazy I (and countless others) am not. Much love.


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